*Our current plan has us in Phase I - continuing with online worship only and building use limited to staff, pastor and food pantry volunteers. Small church groups with less than 10 members, may meet in the fellowship hall. Anyone who enters must wear a mask, sign in and follow the social distancing and hand sanitizing guidelines.

    Please take a moment to offer your feedback regarding your expectations and concerns. Each member of your household should complete their own survey. It should take only a few minutes and we thank you for taking the time to do this. Answers will be used to provide guidance to our Church Rethinking Task Force as we move forward.
    Please fill out this survey before July 17.



    I am ready to return to in-person worship at the first opportunity I understand that it would mean following safety guidelines

    I will return to in-person worship after Michigan has several weeks of declining COVID19 case numbers and is in MI Safe Start

    I will wait to return to in-person worship until Michigan is in MI Safe-Start Plan Phase 6 Post-Pandemic-community spread is

    I do not anticipate returning to in-person worship until a vaccine is developed

    At this point I am not sure when I will return

    Wednesday Night

    Saturday Night

    Sunday Afternoon

    Sunday Night

    No I would not be interested in attending worship at a different time


    Public-Private Schools are open again

    The number of COVID19 cases near me is very small

    Most social distancing recommendations have been lifted

    I will no longer need to wear a mask

    Singing is part of worship

    Nursery is open

    None of the above

    Not sure

    I will wear a face mask

    I will stand or sit in order to be at least 6 feet from others beyond my own family

    I will avoid shaking hands

    I will avoid any physical contact

    I will avoid crowded hallways or church areas

    I will use hand sanitizer

    None of these

    Limit paper handouts bulletins connect cards etc

    Encourage social distancing

    Doors propped open to limit surface touches

    Provide hand sanitizer stations

    Discourage hand shaking

    No Fellowship Time

    25% capacity people have empty seats around them

    50% capacity approximately 70 people with seats separated for social distancing

    75% capacity approximately 110 people with overflow of people in a second area

    100% capacity everyone is seated in the sanctuary most seats full and no social distancing

    None of these right now I am not ready to return to worship inside the church building

    Continue with online worship only

    In-person worship within the church building with online worship continuing

    Continue online worship with once a month in-person worship at church building

    I want to continue online worship but would like to have opportunities for small group worship